Friday, August 12, 2022 | 10 PM

Tresor 31 at Kraftwerk w/ Giant Swan, Shed, Rrose, Wata Igarashi


Kraftwerk 3Ddancer [live] | Mafou | Giant Swan [live] | Pär Grindvik | SØS Gunver Ryberg

Globus DJ Shufflemaster | rRoxymore | Shed | Wata Igarashi

Tresor Antenes | Gaja | Rebekah | Rrose [live]

OHM C.FRIM | Gigsta | object blue | Yu Su


Advance tickets available via Resident Advisor or “on the door”.

Saturday, August 13, 2022 | 22 Uhr

Tresor 31 im Kraftwerk w/ Herrensauna, Dopplereffekt, Headless Horseman


Kraftwerk Tresor x Herrensauna | CEM | JASSS | MCMLXXXV | Paurro | Sepehr

Globus Baby T | Dopplereffekt [live] | Nite Fleit | Z.I.P.P.O#

Tresor Emily Jeanne | Headless Horseman | Liza Aikin | UVB [Live]

OHM Tresor 31 x Sound Metaphors | Nemo & Castro | Mr Sian


Advance tickets 30€ available via Resident Advisor or “On the door”

08.07. – 28.08.2022

Tresor 31

Techno, Berlin und die große Freiheit

Exhibition / Festival

Techno, Berlin und die große Freiheit is a personalised, audio-led exhibition-experience taking place in Kraftwerk. Through films, sculpture, archival objects and photography the exhibition explores the three decade long story contextualising techno’s ‘big bang’ in Berlin the early 90s. Specific historical conditions created the external circumstances for this movement to explode at that place and at that time. The exhibition examines Tresor’s winding journey in context – from its pre-history in the unusual economic and social conditions of West Berlin to its transition into the cosmopolitan capital city of today. Through archival material and artworks, combined with a spatialised headphone audio-system, Tresor 31’s exhibition explores the personal narratives that underpinned techno culture since its beginnings as an artistic and social movement.

Exhibition Opening Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 12-8pm (last entry 7pm)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 1pm – 9:30pm (last entry 8pm)
Closed on Mondays and the following days: 29.7, 30.7, 07.08, 12.8, 13.8, 21.08, 26.8, 27.8, 28.08.

Find the detailled program here